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Ana Rewakowicz is an interdisciplinary artist born in Poland, living and working in Montreal and Paris. Graduate of Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto and Concordia University, Montreal (MFA), she is currently pursuing her PhD in art and science at École Polytechnique, Paris. Known for her stimulating, interactive, inflatable works that question our relationship with the environment, she is concerned with issues of sustainability and technology as an opportunity for social transformation. Presently her art engages in growing environmental complexities with a particular focus on water. For the last four years she has been working collaboratively with scientists Camille Duprat and Jean-Marc Chomaz at École Polytechnique on the Mist Collector project that addresses the issue of diminishing sources of fresh water in the world and looks at alternative methods of obtaining water from fog. In arid, mountainous regions of the world, where there is little or no precipitation or groundwater, fog becomes the only water source for plants, animals and people. However, low water collection efficiency impairs the possibility of using it on a larger scale and the Mist Collector project is driven by a desire to contribute to innovative solutions that can improve living conditions, as well as to create poetic messages that will bring a more acute awareness of the global water situation. It points out to the necessity of the collaborative spirit needed to combat the environmental challenges we face today. This artistic and scientific research has led to question the « standard » approaches used in current fog harvesting techniques and has inspired us to come up with a new paradigm of replacing the net-meshes by a forest of flexible parallel fibres. Based on this art&science investigation several artworks have been created.

Rewakowicz has works in permanent collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, Italy (MACRO), Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec, Musée de Joliette, and has exhibited in Canada and around the world, including Copernicus Science Museum (Warsaw, Poland), Bienal del Fin del Mondo, (Mar Del Plata, Argentina), ISEA 2014 (Dubai, UAE), Foundation Stiftelsen 3,14 (Bergen, Norway), Anchorage Museum (Alaska, USA), Pori Art Museum (Finland) and La Maison Europénne de la Photographie (Paris, France). She is the recipient of many awards and grants and her artworks have been reviewed in various magazines and books such as the “Inflatable: Art, Architecture and Design” anthology. Her nomadic artwork SleepingBagDress is featured in Microtopia, a documentary film by Swedish director Jesper Wachtmeister about micro dwellings, downsizing and living off the grid .