"Visualization of the Ponte Rotto Project"

Ponte Rotto is a research and development project that involves the temporary construction of two arches, in inflatable form, on the earliest known bridge of ancient Rome – Ponte Rotto (Ponte Emilio) in order to draw a visual representation of the bridge. Today a single arch in mid-river is all that remains, lending the name of the Broken Bridge.

The "Visualization of the Ponte Rotto Project" installation uses a technique of laser bending in a fluid with different refraction indices to create a ‘drawing’ of two arches with light. It is composed of two aquariums and the middle part, which is a light box with a drawing of Ponte Rotto from two different points of view – Palatino Bridge and Tiber Island, sitting in a metal frame. In each aquarium a created gradient allows bending of the laser beam and formation of a curve. <