Inside Out 

“Inside Out” is a rubber latex imprint of a room in an apartment in Montréal. In 2001, for a period of three weeks working around the clock, I covered the entire front room of the apartment in many coats of rubber liquid latex. When a desired thickness was built up I peeled the entire surface and ended up with a transportable skin containing original mouldings, cracks and other remains like dirt or hair. Later on, I constructed an external support structure that connected it with the internal layer in order to inflate the completed room by air. Presented in the larger gallery space of Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts (2001) Musée d’art Contemporain (2005) and the Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop’s University (2006), the piece created a twofold viewing situation; allowing the visitor to look at the exterior structure of 'a room within a room', as well as to experience the whimsical, and unsettling space inside. <