SleepingDress prototype 1-2,

The SleepingBagDress prototype involves a multipurpose kimono-dress that when inflated changes into a cylindrical container inhabitable by one or two people. The SleepingBagDress prototypes operate on a small computer fan powered by a rechargeable lead battery (prototype 1) and NiMH batteries charged by a solar panel incorporated into the dress itself (prototype 2) and looks at the portability and self-sustainability of a wearable cell, comfortable as both, a dress and a temporary shelter. The SleepingBagDress prototype was used in walking performance in Mexico City (Mexico 2003), Toulouse (France 2004), Brussels (Belgium 2004) and as part of the 2004 International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) in Tallinn (Estonia). It won an honorable mention in the Palm Mobility contest and was featured in Air Canada’s enRoute magazine in October 2007.   <