LSS (Life Support System)

Inspired by a modular concept, the "LSS (Life support System) is a hydroponics system for plant cultivation. It comprises of seven spheres, in which selected edible plants are inserted. Collected water is pumped and then drained creating a circular system for delivery of nutritional solution. Each sphere has three intakes and one drain. One intake (an air pump) supplies constant air at low pressure to keep the sphere in shape, another provides nutritional solution and a third one allows visitors/participants to breathe into it, feeding the plants with Co2. In return the plants produce oxygen and food beneficial to human health. Computer software especially developed for this piece controls all functions of this self-contained system, displays current readings of oxygen and Co2 levels and collects data over time. LSS installation emphasizes our dependence on nature for keeping us alive and points to a symbiotic relation we have and must nurture. In my installation the well-being of plants depends on participants ‘donation’ of Co2. <


Technical Consultation: Keith Pattington and Pierre Jutras
Programming: Bruno Schmidt