Video works

Dressware 1 (2003-2005), single channel projection (NTSC DVD, colour, sound, 4 min)

Documentation of walking performances in the SleepingBagDress prototypes in Mexico City and Tallinn. In Mexico City people made appointments to take me to their favourite places in the city. Inside the dress I collected personal stories and people’s ideas of belonging in a language of their choice that brought forward a variety of questions about social relations and different ways, in which we relate to places, languages and each other.

"Travelling with my inflatable room" (2005), 2-channel video projection (NTSC DVD, coloud, sound, 5 min)

The Travelling with my inflatable room video is based on a performance I conducted over a period of one month, when I travelled in a van with the inflatable room (a latex imprint of a room in Montreal apartment) and ‘camped’ in it at different urban and rural locations across Canada. By combining my personal experiences of displacement with the history of North America, I wanted to connect the ideas of ‘home’ and ‘nomadism’ that denies the dream of a homeland, with the result that home, being portable, is available everywhere; and through the enduring relation with the most unpractical ‘tent’ that involved getting up every two hours to re-inflate so it wouldn’t collapse and suffocate me, reflect on the elements of human failure and vulnerability.

Protected (2002), video still, Québec City

People slowly walk up a park hill in the Uniblow Outfits - double layer rubber latex suits that inflate by walking in shoe-pumps. Sounds of birds mixed with a squishing sound of shoe-pumps create a strange contrast of the environment. The more they walk the more inflated they become; the more inflated they are the less they can walk.